Celebrate International Open Access Week!

The AU Libraries are promoting and supporting the Open Access movement through the implementation of a digital repository designed to house historic and research material. Using the open-source software DSpace, it’s been locally named AURA (Alfred University Research and Archives). The repository stores and indexes digital information for the long-term as well as makes it available to the world-wide community through search engines like Google.

Check it out at aura.alfred.edu! New material is added each week.

The AU Libraries encourage individual faculty, departments, colleges, student organizations, etc. to make use of the repository by adding relevant material. Examples include meeting minutes, newsletters, publications, research data, and reports. To add material, please contact either Laurie McFadden (mcfadden@alfred.edu) or Fang Wan (wan@alfred.edu).

The 6th annual “Open Access Week” is being recognized around the world. Its goal is to educate the academic and research community about the potential benefits of Open Access, hoping to increase participation and working to make it the new standard in scholarship and research.

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