On Display: Three Books by Heidi Neilson

Orbital Debris SimulatorAn exhibit of work by Heidi Neilson is on display in Herrick Library’s entrance through April 30, 2012.

Heidi Neilson is an artist working in printmaking, artist books, and public projects concerning topics such as weather, fake snow, and the debris in earth’s orbit. She has exhibited widely, including at the Queens Museum of Art, the International Center for Prints New York, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the Islip Art Museum, and The Drawing Center. Her work is included in over 50 museum and university collections.

During March, Heidi is a Visiting Artist in the College of Liberal Arts and Science’s Interdisciplinary Art program, teaching an artist’s book workshop as part of the course, “Image, Text and Culture,” with Dale Inglett, Assistant Professor of Studio Art.

For more information, visit Heidi Neilson’s website.

Books on display:

Fake Snow Collection, 2010. 8.5 x 9 x 1 in.
Printed on a HP Indigo Press and coptic bound by hand, 75 pages, edition of 100. Published by Visual Studies Workshop Press.

Fake Snow Collection is a thorough resource guide to the topic of artificial snow. It includes three tabbed sections: ‘Index’-annotated images of 40 fake snow specimens;  ‘Readings’-17 topical readings accompanied by images of 28 fake snow specimens in a diorama setting;  and ‘Samples’-24 samples of fake snow.

Orbital Debris Simulator, 2010. 8 x 10 x .75 in.
Screen and letterpress printed, handbound with aluminum covers, 24 pages with one fold-out page, edition of 70. Viewable in 3D with anaglyph glasses enclosed in side pocket. Published by Women’s Studio Workshop.

Orbital Debris Simulator describes the phenomena of ‘space junk’ in the earth’s orbit, showing  points of interest between the moon and the earth such as geosynchronous orbit, medium earth orbit, and the International Space Station. Images of space toys-spaceships and action figures from various science fiction ‘universes’ as well as toy replicas of actual spacecraft-are used as stand-ins for the orbital debris itself.

Atlas Dream Sequence, 2011. 5.75 x 11.125 x 1 in.
Inkjet printed, drumleaf case bound by hand, 36 pages, edition of 25.

Atlas Dream Sequence is a series of collages made from maps, where each page spread is an imagined magnification from the previous spread. The front and back of the book are equal; the sequence of images can be read from either direction.

Image © Heidi Neilson 2012

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